December 29, 2022

ZIL Mission 002 part 4: Boarding the MMM

ZIL debates where to start wearing indoor slippers. Stacy reflects on freedom and aspirations, as they discuss their communal apartment. Riley admits to difficulties adjusting in Lithuania, due to cultural change from the diasporic experience. She was researching Lithuanian Jews. They walk through their airship the MMM, admiring the kitchen, toilets and mocking k-slums.

ZIL Mission 002 part 3: Leadership and Learning

ZIL discusses their roles, Stacy volunteers as cook. Division of labor and leadership culture discussed. Mealtimes defined, teamwork culture established. Marilyn reflects on leadership. Debate on bringing the Rolls Royce on the Mir Mriya Mir. Then Mentors are introduced, have practice fights, offer feedback. Naz should counter with tools, Marilyn learn defense, Stacy use economics.

ZIL Mission 002 part 2: The Roadblock

The MMM’s construction described. Naz makes a big turn around Tula to throw off pursuit. They are stopped by the Motorcycle Mechanics’ Mentors. Confrontation, Angel struggles against someone unexpectedly Strong, Marilyn snipes, Riley shoots. ZIL members flee. Arriving at the MMM’s hangar, they meet the Manager who tells Marilyn to introduce the airship.

ZIL Mission 002 part 1: Pre-Departure Chacha

ZIL members finish their job negotiations with Benefactors. They plan to drive out, although must stock up first. Stacy reveals part of her ethnicity. Naz wants to save money for aviation fuel; everybody agrees not to buy clothes. Naz buys khinkali, tkemali, phkali, khmeli suneli and chacha. Riley and Naz discuss Stacy, who buys vegetables.

ZIL Mission 001 part 5: Fight inside the Amber Room

ZIL breaks into the house after Naz hacks the garage door and Riley picks the lock. Angel lifts the huge metal door. They photograph the Amber Room. Then Maids corner Riley, Stacy. Angel imitates an accent to frighten Maids, and Riley hits her foot. ZIL members flee. They discuss the maids’ silent shoes.

ZIL Mission 001 part 4: The Maids

Marilyn reports watching maids at work; they admire the uniforms and shoes. Then they drive around the area. Angel practices cheerleading tosses with Stacy and Riley. They work out Stealsky’s schedule, then buy potatoes for dinner. They eat Tatar Uchpuchmaks for supper, then clean off all DNA evidence.

ZIL Mission 001 part 3: Rublevka

ZIL goes to Rublevka. They don’t look like residents, so pose as home decorators. Naz’s aggressive driving is debated. ZIL grumbles about unequal wealth distribution. Before entering the house they debate whether to wear shoes indoors, then discuss how to keep the place clean. They start surveiling with drones; Marilyn pretends to be paparazzi.

ZIL Mission 001 part 2: The First Mission

ZIL members discuss evacuating Stacy, but have to await a formal job offer from their Benefactors. Stacy also has to make calls. She uses Tranquility Aura to dampen tensions, and takes note of everything in the facility and her teammates’ conversations. Then a mission proposal comes in to find the Amber Room and they vote.

ZIL Mission 001 part 1: ZIL Begins

Stacy talks to her Benefactors who had to convince her team to accept her. They discuss their strengths and weaknesses. Stacy must complement her team with Tranquility Aura and mind spell resistance. They have to develop together. Stacy persuades the others to travel the ex-USSR to uncover lies, mysteries. ZIL team formed. Stacy gets scanned.

ZIL Mission 000 part 4: Stacy’s Shadow

The Benefactors explain their data gathering operation and mentorship plans, as well as mission proposals. Given a choice, Stacy chooses to stay within former Soviet lands. There are mysteries to uncover and problems to solve. She wants to change minds, give people alternative choices, and make better paths. ZIL, meaning shadow, chosen as group name.

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