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ZIL Mission 002.5: Arroz con Leche Cross listed as Food 002o

Stacy decides to prepare Arroz con Leche, then reflects on cooking philosophy. She wants healthy, sustainable cooking that is varied and multicultural, flexible and economical. Marilyn notices Stacy using American finger counting, because Stacy has a hybrid identity. ZIL members agree to eat healthy and not use mayo, avoid red meat and deep frying.

ZIL Mission 004 part 1: ZIL Truck Maskirovka

ZIL members debate getting rugs for the airship. They see a truck in distress and rush to save it, while disguising Birrak as a ZIL truck. Naz wants to visit nearby Vyazma for pryaniki and Riley to sight see. Naz persuades Angel and Marilyn to wear tracksuits for the gopnitsa look.

ZIL Mission 003 part 4: Birrak, Arvoh and the Propaganda Transmitter

Everyone helps wash the Rolls Royce, then they name it Birrak. After washing, they name the Lada as Arvoh. Onboard, Riley introduces everyone to the tech, and Marilyn shows Stacy the leader’s propaganda transmitter – an AM radio broadcaster. Now Naz prepares Khinkali for dinner while Stacy reflects on leadership. Link to Mila’s side story.

ZIL Mission 003 part 3: Confrontation

Stacy dispels mind spell on Marilyn by telling her that World War 2 victory was a team effort. Angel confronts the history teacher Mila. Mila insults Naz by saying Ukronazis, so Naz fights. Then Mila instigates others to fight, and Stacy has to employ journalists’ magic to defend her team.

ZIL Mission 003 part 2: Rzhev and Rah Rah Monuments

Riley and Stacy discuss the problem of selective memory in war monuments. The USSR did much evil to its own people due to Stalin’s paranoia. Stacy misses the identity that the USSR gave her. They discuss self-determination and conflict and also training for missions. Stacy identifies these monuments as infused with Mind Spells.

ZIL Mission 003 part 1: Rural Russia

Stacy’s mentor Elvira advised her to visit Rzhev to inspect recently built war monuments. Stacy prepares dinner, and Naz introduces everyone to the Rolls Royce and its special functions. Angel discovers Naz didn’t buy lard. Everyone celebrates having free feminine necessities. Next day Stacy inspects her wardrobe, and they plow through Rzhev’s muddy outskirts.

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