ZIL Missions


One night in the 2000s, a team of hit men tried to kill a certain young journalist. A team of shadowy young women, funded by anonymous Benefactors, rescued her. Now they travel over the former Soviet Union in a stealth airship, investigating mysteries, helping the oppressed and foiling the plans of tyrants.

They call themselves ZIL. Click here for Mission 000 part 1. The very beginning of their adventures!

The ZIL Organization is a serialized web novel that will be posted in weekly installments for free.

ZIL’s missions will be posted in chronological order in blog format, and will always be free for all to read.

Some extra content such as side stories, back stories or adult-oriented content, will be paywalled on Patreon.

You can support the author on the linked patreon page from March 2023.

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